1) Stunning sandstone rock formations

Rocks, cliffs, gorges, passages and caves are witnessing millions years of history of Bohemian Paradise. All these sandstone rocks appeared originally at the bottom of Cretaceous sea 150 millions years ago.And thanks to volcanic activity and erosion, such an awesome sandstone rock formations were formed. Today you can admire them, but hurry up, all the rocks will once turn into sand again :-).


2) Breathtaking viewpoints

Vyhlídka – the Czech word describing the place, usually on top of the rock, cliff or hill, where there is great view all around. Local tourist clubs found such places already hundred years ago and made them save and easily accessible for everyone. You can just come and admire the Bohemian Paradise nature around – and believe us, it is really breathtaking!
It would be long article to list them all – Českého ráje, L.K.P, Šikmá věž, Mariánská, U Lvíčka, Na kapelu, Hlavatice, Trosky are just a few from viewpoints, where you can go, take great photos and remember forever.


3) Romantic medieval castles and ruins

Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark is well known for lots of castles and ruins. Most of these castles coming from 14th century. Kost (Bone) and Trosky (Ruins) are the most famous. Both were built in 14th century, but they are extremely different today. Kost castle is majestic stone castle, it was inhabited all the time up to 20th century and it is is still very well preserved, looks almost like when it was built.
On the other hand, Trosky castle was abandoned and over the time and it was slowly ruined. Currently there is ruin only, but the place is still very picturesque and majestic – with its two high volcanic towers, it is taken as a symbol of Bohemian Paradise.
There are lots of other interesting castles and ruins, usually well hidden in the rocks.



4) Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark and protected natural reserve

Thanks to its natural and cultural heritage, Bohemian Paradise was declared first protected nature reserve in former Czechoslovakia already in 1955. And 50 years later, in 2005, it became first and the only UNESCO Global Geopark in the Czech Republic. Good reason to visit, don´t you think?

5) Absolute relax in the nature

It is hard to describe to those, who still did not visit Bohemian Paradise. The air is pure and fresh here, the forest is green, you smell the wood, birds are singing, there is a lot of small lakes and ponds and the temperature is colder than in hot city here. Most of Bohemian Paradise is covered by deep forests.
Are you tired of the city sightseeing, but you still have one more free day? Do your legs hurt you from concrete and asphalt streets?
The best idea is to combine your Prague visit with one day trip to the nature. And the Bohemian Paradise is the best choice from Prague.


6) A stone’s throw away nature from Prague

Big advantage of Bohemian Paradise – it is just a stone’s throw away from Prague, 80 km only. By car it takes one hour only to get there. And the road is nice and comfortable.
Another advantage – there are many small local roads that will lead you right to your destination, all major places are easily accessible.

7) Top rated Czechs destination

Bohemian Paradise is very popular with Czechs. Everyone heard about it and many Czech people planning to visit. Why it is so popular for many years? Especially thanks to sandstone rocks and quiet pure nature.
Luckily it is still hidden gem of Czech Republic and you will find no full tourist buses there.

8) The life in Bohemian Paradise in not “like a local”, it is really local.

Bohemian Paradise is not any open-air museum or place designed primarily for tourists. Local people live there, work there and enjoy their daily life in the countryside. So please do not expect any crazy tourist attractions, hundreds of stands selling crappy souvenirs and junk food chains.
But what you can expect – quiet villages (some still with traditional old wooden houses), nice local pubs and restaurants and pleasant people – and awesome nature all around of course.

9) Unforgettable moments

And this is what we always guarantee – never mind your camera is broken or your mobile is discharged – unforgettable moments from Bohemian Paradise will stay in your minds forever. 

Book your day trip to Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark with us.